At Berman & Associates we are well aware that American families are not all the same. An American household may consist of a heterosexual couple, a same-sex couple, two people living together who are not legally married, single parents who are traditionally heterosexual or nontraditional gay, lesbian, or other varied sexual and gender preference persons, grandparents raising grandchildren, or other couples with a relationship not recognized under Pennsylvania law.

Our attorneys help families in Pennsylvania work through legal issues to ensure they have the rights they want and rights they deserve.

Representation for LGBT Couples and Other Diverse Families

Our lawyers provide legal representation for all types of families:

  • Gay couples
  • Lesbian couples
  • Unmarried heterosexual and same-sex couples
  • Families where grandparents serve as the primary caregivers
  • Siblings who live together and raise their children in the same home
  • And others

Legal Help for Committed Unmarried Couples

Did you know that in Pennsylvania if one partner is incapacitated, and he or she is in an unmarried committed relationship, the other partner does not automatically have the right to decide medical care or handle his or her partner’s finances or assets? Additionally, if one partner dies, the other does not automatically gain ownership of the other’s property or assets.

People in a committed relationship can legally preserve their rights even if Pennsylvania law does not recognize the relationship.

Our family lawyers know that Pennsylvania law places limitations on committed, unmarried couples. We are able to prepare documents that provide you with rights and protections that are all within the law. Often this is accomplished by drafting specific wills and trusts that grant a partner the right to property and assets. Additionally, establishing medical powers of attorney gives a partner the right to decide medical treatment and care.

Contact our firm today for an initial consultation. We understand and seek to protect the rights of LGBT and unmarried couples, grandparents and others. Plan ahead with legal documents to ensure that you have the rights you want and you deserve.

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