Divorce & Family Law

At Berman & Associates we provide top quality representation in the highly specialized practice of Divorce, Custody and all other aspects of Family Law.
Our method is to guide you through the various procedures leading up to resolution so you are always making well-informed decisions throughout the disposition of your case. Our advice to you will always be honest, knowledgeable and in your best interest.

The resolution you reach, whether by the Court or Agreement, with respect to your divorce, child custody, re-location of your children, property distribution, financial support arrangements and other issues you are facing, will impact your life well into the future. We can help guide you through these and all family law issues:

Divorce Representation

Our lawyers are dedicated to helping individuals and families through simple or complex divorce proceedings in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We take pride in the help we provide to married couples – both same-sex and opposite-sex – with all their divorce and family law matters.

Support & Custody

We place the highest priority on protecting your child’s best interests and the rights of you, our client. We make sure you receive fair treatment when going through the child support and custody processes.


Exceptional, Personalized Divorce Representation

A divorce can be difficult and emotional, especially when children are involved. Resolving your divorce quickly while minimizing its impact on you and your family is our top priority. 

Our Divorce Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Our firm has had years of experience handling Pennsylvania family law and divorce cases. We have guided thousands of individuals and families through difficult times to successful outcomes. Some of the divorce-related matters where we can help include:

  • Divorce litigation
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Marital property distribution, equitable distribution of assets

Our experience related to marital property distribution extends to both high net worth divorces and divorces involving complex property division.

Alternative dispute resolution options are available and may be a good option for you. Included in this option are mediation and arbitration. Using these alternatives to litigation is typically less costly and more efficient methods of deciding important issues such as distribution of assets, alimony, child custody, visitation and other matters.


Divorce FAQ

Child Support

Courts in Pennsylvania use a specific formula to determine child support obligations. However, the correct numbers that should be used in that formula are often subject to dispute, making legal proofs and arguments necessary to protect your interests.Our attorneys at Berman & Associates place the highest priority on protecting your child’s or children’s best interests and the rights of you, our client. We make sure you receive fair treatment when going through the child support process.


Factors in Determining Child Support

Courts take the following factors into account when determining child support payments:

  • Each parent’s income and income capacity
  • The amount of money each parent spends on child care
  • How many children you claim as dependents on your taxes
  • Health insurance and other medical expenses for your children
  • The amount of custodial time with each parent
  • Whether or not private schooling is reasonable and allocation of that expense

We will advocate for you to receive the child support payments appropriate within the state guidelines. There may be opportunities to apply deductions that will modify the amount of money you pay or receive.

Modifying Payments When Circumstances Change

If a parent’s financial situation has changed substantially, you may qualify to seek a modification. This can happen when a parent receives a substantial raise or inheritance or loses a job. Our lawyers can help you examine your options and determine the best way to proceed..

Custody & Visitation

Divorcing couples with children often find that negotiating custody and visitation can be stressful and elicit strong emotions. It is essential to enlist the help of a lawyer who understands these delicate issues and knows the Pennsylvania standards for determining the best interests of the child.

Relocations and Move-Aways

Moving children out of state or a considerable distance away from either parent is a decision that can significantly impact your child or children. It is critical that a move-away or relocation decision be made with the best interests of the child or children in mind and in consideration of the other parent, so a good relationship between both parents and the children can be maintained. It is also critical that the Pennsylvania relocation statute (law) be complied with before the move.

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