Representing Fraternities, Sororities and Their Members

The founding partner at Berman & Associates has, for over 40 years, been general counsel to a national fraternity with over 80 undergraduate chapters in the United States. As general counsel he provides the fraternity with representation and guidance for all their legal needs in such areas as: real estate, insurance, by-laws and policies, liability, employment, trademark, corporate structure, vendor contracts and expulsion of members.

Fraternity Members

Also need skilled and experienced lawyers. Party-goers are often arrested en-masse when security or police are called because of boisterous behavior. Arrests and prosecutions for underage drinking, disorderly conduct, DUI, and noise restrictions need to be met with a lawyer who can negotiate and defend.

Hazing of new members has gained serious negative national attention recently with deaths recorded in several states, including Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, hazing is a third degree misdemeanor that can land a perpetrator in prison even if no injuries occurred. But, injuries will make the charges more serious, up to voluntary manslaughter. Effective legal representation is a must!

Sexual assault accusations are affecting more and more fraternity members and college students than ever. These accusations can lead to expulsion and other disciplinary actions that can affect your life long after your college experience. Did you think it was just flirting? Was the experience truly consensual? Was too much alcohol involved? Berman & Associates provides the legal help you need.

Issues Affecting Members and Their Organizations

Include First Amendment Freedom of Association and Freedom of Speech, University sanctions, and revocation of University recognition – all can have affects beyond the college experience, and call for the skills and experience that Berman & Associates can provide.