Problems can arise during the probate process or the administration of a trust that might require litigation to resolve. For example, a person might challenge a will’s validity or argue that another will supersedes the one submitted to the probate court. Our probate attorneys work quickly to resolve disputes and other possible issues to avoid unnecessary delays in the probate process and allow your loved one’s affairs to be concluded in a timely fashion.

We Take a Solution-Focused Approach to Probate Litigation

Our lawyers understand that disputes over trusts and wills are not unusual. Our job as your counsel is to resolve your issues while protecting important family relationships.

The following are typical examples of probate litigation matters:

  • Will contests or claims of statutory heirs excluded by a will’s terms
  • Disputes as to the competence or testamentary capacity of the decedent
  • Disputes as to the terms or administration of a trust
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against an executor, administrator, trustee, guardian or financial planner
  • Asset transfer disputes between estates and those receiving gifts
  • Guardianship proceedings

Often, we can employ ways to resolve probate disputes through such approaches as mediation or binding arbitration, which are usually faster and less expensive than formal litigation.