Our lawyers place a premium on providing personalized legal services to couples and families in Pennsylvania. We utilize detailed surrogacy agreements and other legal documents to ensure that a child brought into your family is truly yours.

We counsel couples with fertility problems unable to have a child and wish to work with egg donors and surrogate mothers.We assist same-sex couples wishing to have a child.


We assist with all issues related to adoption and gestational surrogacy.

We counsel and represent women who wish to serve as gestational carriers for couples seeking to have a child. We advocate on the gestational carrier’s behalf to ensure the contract for the surrogacy arrangement is fair and protects our client’s interests.

At Berman & Associates we draft legal contracts and address family planning needs for people using assisted reproduction technology such as:

  • Gestational surrogacy
  • Artificial insemination
  • Sperm and egg donation

Assisted reproduction involving a third party requires careful planning to prevent possible complications or disputes from occurring in the future. Properly drawn up legal documents protect you from an agreement falling apart.

Our skilled attorneys can draft the following documents for you, in accordance with your situation:

  • Pre-birth petitions, which are the means by which a court is being requested to recognize that the intended mother and father are the parents of a child from a gestational surrogacy arrangement.
  • Pre-birth orders, which apply only to gestational carriers. If the surrogacy involves a “traditional surrogate,” one who is biologically related to the child, a pre-birth order is not possible. Instead, a “second parent adoption” would be required with the traditional surrogate. This would terminate the surrogate’s parental rights. Traditional surrogacy is used less often because of the risk that the surrogate may refuse to consent to the “second-parent adoption” after the baby is born.
  • Gestational carrier agreements, which are agreements between a couple and a gestational carrier who is not the biological mother of the child. We have experience representing both intended parents and women who will be gestational carriers.
  • Adoption documents, which are legal documents through which a second parent legally adopts a child carried by a surrogate and has legal custody.
  • Other important documents, which may be drafted in accordance with state adoption and surrogacy laws.

Assisted Reproduction Services for Families

Our attorneys can assist a same-sex family where the couple wishes to have a child of their own, and have that baby be the biological child of one of the partners, as well as same-sex married couples who wish to add a child to their family.

Please schedule an initial consultation with Berman & Associates to discuss how we can help add a child to your family. Our lawyers can be reached by calling 610-565-9696.